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Siteground Web Hosting Review

Siteground is one of the best leaders in the hosting industry that emphasizes on commitment, best customer service, and leading edge tech innovations. They offer the best in web development services, which is based on user commitment. Siteground is known to be one of the fastest growing independent shared hosts in the world. It offers a variety of web hosting solutions that comprises of shared hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. 
Founded in 2004 by a few friends, SiteGround has now slowly and steadily transformed itself into a leading web hosting service provider. The Company is based in Bulgaria and offers web-hosting markets all over the world. They have around 400 employees who are on the verge of growing on a regular basis.They are a company who position themselves and claim themselves as a company who offer high quality and well-crafted web hosting services. Siteground web hosting services offers their clients a wide assortment of solutions that range from shared Linux hosting that are affordable and versatile nature. They also offer dedicated Cloud and server solutions for large websites. Siteground is one of the fastest growing companies who are also involved in providing WordPress, Drupal, marketing communities and Joomla.

Attractive Features

Free Site Transfer and Live Setup Assistance
Siteground helps you to launch your website in an affordable and cost effective manner. You can also catch up on tons of freebies, which offer free auto migration, readily available SSH access, and Cloud flares CDN. 
Custom Solutions for Best Customer Support
SiteGround has an in house ticketing system that uses qualified algorithms to select an agent based on the level of skill set. The chat system can also be used to communicate with the users.
Downtime Prevention
Siteground comprises of some of the best advanced website optimization which is known as Super catcher that is specially designed to improve site performance as well as speed.
Software Fixtures and In House Servers
Makes use of a unique isolation system that prevents from taking down all kinds of servers. This is one of a kind isolation technology that makes shared hosting services secure and protected as well.
Ease of Use
This soft development service has a very user-friendly interface that helps clients to get the best of web development services.
Support and Reliability
SiteGround prides itself on innovating some of the best ideas that are considered to be the best in the industry. They have also implemented a unique mechanism that helps to isolate all server accounts so that accounts cannot be hacked.
Free Backups
SiteGround also offers free daily backups to all their customers. These services are provided at no additional costs
Siteground hosting is of the most rapid growing web hosting companies who have great customer support along with a solid product and great technical features. They have full of plans for various websites and if you are lucky you can also get various discounted offers they have extensive developers featured features. They provide clients with a number of different web hosting services like email hosting, FTP hosting, PHO hosting, CPanel hosting, and MySQL hosting.
Siteground is known to be one of the fastest growing independent shared hosts in the world. It offers a variety of web hosting solutions that comprises of shared hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Siteground is not only one of the best shared hosts, but also participate in a number of events that are organized by Drupal, WordPress, Internet Marketing and Joomla as well.
If you want to avail the best of web hosting services, then you should definitely visit Siteground web hosting services, for the best web services at an affordable price.

Pros of Siteground

Avail Some of The Best Top Speed Solutions

24x7 Amazing Customer Support Who Are Always Ready to Help With Emails and Phone Calls

The Best Web Hosting Company Who Provide Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting and Enterprise Hosting Solutions.

Also Avail Services Like Wordpress Hosting, Wordpress Themes, and Wordpress Tutorials

Joomla Hosting, Joomla Templates, Joomla Tutorial

Comprises of The Top Data Centers

Is Transparent and Supportive of The Community

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Free Website Builder

SSD Storage

Free Cloudflare CDN

Outstanding Speed - 99.9% Uptime

Best Customer Support Along With Amazing Uptime

Good Client Reviews

Provides You With The Best Speed, Performance and Reliability

Siteground has a Strong Set of Features With Unlimited Database and Email Accounts

They Also do Daily Backups Which is a Good Safety Feature in Case Your Backup Fails

Has a 24x7 Customer Support Who Are Always on The Run

Globally Oriented. They Accept Multiple Currencies and Also Offer Multiple Local Toll Free Lines

Free Let's Encrypt SSLs

cPanel & SSH Access

Free Setup & Transfer


The speed and the expertise of our support team are legendary. They provide onboarding help, free website transfer and ongoing assistance at any time. No wonder, we consistently achieve nearly 100% customer satisfaction rates.

Siteground Hosting Real User Reviews

Eleanor Hope

I very much appreciated Anton's support today and just wanted to take a moment to say and to thank Siteground for the amazing staff and the attention to customers. By far the best hosting company!!

Matt Cromwell

I can't say enough good things about SiteGround. I highly recommend their GoGeek shared hosting platform if you are a developer on a budget but still want advanced features like staging, GitHub integration, and of course the SuperCacher. It's all you need for an excellent price.

David Laietta

SiteGround has been top-notch from my introduction to them. Their GoGeek plan is excellent if you want the tools of self-managed hosting, without that whole "self-managing" part. I've placed a dozen of my own sites on SiteGround, and have been recommending clients to them, as the service is just that good.

Anthony Olsen

In a lot of respects you can judge a company by how friendly their staff are. SiteGround provides the most friendly and patient support I have found in the seven years that I have been running my website. They also back this up with top notch servers and services, which makes them an unbeatable proposition when it comes to choosing who to host your site with. I trust SiteGround whole heartedly to help me to run my online business.

Paul Robinson

Siteground tech support is the best I've ever dealt with. They have skillfully handled every tech problem I've encountered. I am so satisfied with their hosting and their tech support that I am moving all my sites to siteground as they expire with other providers.

Alin Steglinski

Fast support. Fast billing resolutions. Fast servers. 99.9% Uptime (I think I saw my site down for like 2 seconds this whole last 2011 year) The features just keep getting better

Syed Balkhi

SiteGround is a great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects - both new and established ones. The service they provide is stable, secure and super fast thanks to the special tools they've developed in-house for WordPress users. That's why I can easily recommend them as a great WordPress hosting provider!

Brian Krogsgard

SiteGround has been great for my websites. They “get” WordPress managed hosting without limiting users the way a number of other managed hosts do.

The WordPress-specific caching features SiteGround provides are awesome, as are the one-click staging sites. And SiteGround’s support is the best I’ve ever received from any host, period. Whether via chat or by phone, they are technically savvy and always respond incredibly fast if I have questions.

Peter van Westen

Choosing the right webhost is just as important as your websites content and design. I believe that Siteground is the best possible host for my (and your) Joomla website. Not only are their servers crazy fast, but so is the support. They also stay on the cutting edge of technology, being the leader and an example in webhost related things like caching. But what trumps all of those positives is that Siteground is run by a group of super-kind and passionate people.

Jarrett Gucci

Who should I use to host my WordPress website? This is still one of the greatest online questions and debates. I actually love when this question comes up because it gives me an easy in to talk about SiteGround and their SUPERIOR hosting services. When I think of a great host I think of two words, Support and Stability. Knowing that your host will be there when you need them is huge for anyone from the beginner to the advanced developer. It is also critical that your host takes a proactive approach to keeping things running smoothly. Support and stability are two things that SiteGround does better than any other host I have worked with. It's also super important to mention that their shared hosting platform performs extremely fast and stable. SiteGround is always making things bigger and better as well. Their proprietary Super Cacher system is a dream for keeping WordPress speedy. SiteGround is now and will always be my FIRST CHOICE in recommending hosting to others!!!

Andrew Norcross

There have been no complaints and numerous commendations. Simply put, SiteGround is doing it right when so many are dropping the ball.

Since I began using SiteGround for a new project a few months back, I've been blown away by their technical chops and their stellar customer service. I've yet to have an issue that wasn't self inflicted, and I've since moved over a few larger client sites that needed a better level of service. There have been no complaints and numerous commendations. Simply put, SiteGround is doing it right when so many are dropping the ball.

Peter Bui

This is a hosting company that really does tick all the boxes and the ticks keep on getting bigger!

There are so many amazing aspects to SiteGround from their fabulous attentive staff and support, state of the are security, finely tuned performance server with locations all around the world and of course a price that can't be 'Beat'! This is a hosting company that really does tick all the boxes and the ticks keep on getting bigger! Thank you SiteGround.

Ron Severdia

It was really hard to move from a hosting company I'd been with for over 10 years, but it was for the best. SiteGround made the transition easy and my only regret is that I didn't move to them sooner. Their support is fanatical, friendly, and fast. Don't make the same mistake I did. Go with SiteGround!

Brian Hinkley

After making the mistake of moving from SiteGround, for a host who made big promises and didn't deliver, I moved all of my sites back. Keep up the great service. My sites haven't seen any down time since the move and for some reason spam is almost non-existent on your servers. I don't know how SiteGround does it but I am thankful for it.

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